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It's about making the guitar sing or scream for Jonali. A guitarist, a composer, and considered one of the best in Bacolod City. His guitar lead draws listeners in with a face-melting shred and is known for creating notes out of nowhere with his superhuman fingers that can create improvisation, that's what made him Unique. 

Jonali started his music career in the '80s as a lead guitarist of the Highlander band.  The group became known for their musical talents and superiority, they’re most praised by fans for having one of the best vocalists in Bacolod, Didol, and for of course unparalleled guitar shred of Jonali.  He later joined the CIA band, the group was widely known in Bacolod for winning several battles of bands and their focus on original compositions. One of the best guitar licks of Jonali with CIA band was "If you say" composed by Kong Masinda. His Recently got involved on an instrumental project with Glenn "Tong Pao" on "Bed Time" a masterful cerebral lead guitar like other else can but Jonali.


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