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Fusion Rock Group, Marky & Glen, Drop Debut Single to Help Heal a World in Crisis - 'Love Unites the

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

OAKLAND, Calif., March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- OAKLAND, Calif., March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Music duo, Marky & Glen, announced the release of their debut single to help raise awareness for the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Released by Bacolod Music, "Love Unites the World" speaks to the shared humanity of all people, calling for listeners to build anew in the spirit of hope rather than succumb to doubt, war, and sorrow. Written to help soothe broken hearts, the song and video are available for preview on YouTube and as a single purchase via iTunes and Amazon Music. Funds raised from music sales go to various Bacolod charities, while Marky & Glen are also sponsoring a Save the Children campaign to help ease the suffering of Ukraine children caught in the conflict.

"It's hard to believe the world we know; Now full of doubt and a cloud of sorrow…" Deeply entwined in the lyrics and inspirational rock chords, blended with gospel-like harmonies and slow guitar riffs, "Love Unites the World" is a love song for peace. "This song began with the COVID-19 pandemic, because music became an excellent channel for us to cope with the depressing quarantine," said Mark. "We shared our work online when live performances became impossible and we wrote songs that tried to keep hope alive. But this song's relevance keeps growing every day. And now, with the ongoing war in Ukraine that is destroying communities and families, we want to touch as many hearts as possible and call for peace. For our children's sake."

Marky & Glen: "Love Unites the World"

  • Glen Bautista (Keyboard/Composer)

  • Mark Perez (Vocalist/Composer)

  • Pat Perez (Drums)

  • Jun Perez (Guitar)

  • Tiangson (Guitar/Arranger)

"Music keeps us together and connects us all," said Glen. "I listen to music that someone else is also listening to from thousands of miles away. We want to make music like that!"

"Let love unite the world; And let the peace bring us together…"

For updates on future projects, follow Marky & Glen on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iHeart.

About Marky & Glen Cousins and good friends, Mark is an Oakland-based singer/songwriter and Glen is a Philippine-based pianist/composter – both making music from thousands of miles apart. Growing up together in Bacolod, Marky & Glen were heavily influenced by 90s rock bands like Bon Jovi, White Lion, and Mr. Big. Spending countless hours in the studio, Marky & Glen originally began in the band: The CIA. After spending some time apart to work on their art, the cousins are now reunited as Marky & Glen – creating a signature sound of fusion rock influenced by classic rock and industrial music. Their debut album is entitled "Infinite Dreams."

About Bacolod Music Bacolod Music is a digital platform that allows artists to raise funds to help communities grow and heal through music. Believing that music is about giving back, Bacolod is committed to providing enjoyable tunes that serve as more than just entertainment. Bacolod helps musicians distribute their art globally, grow their fan base, and in the process, help struggling communities. Every purchase from Bacolod fuels medical missions and helps the fight against hunger. Learn more at:

Media Contact: Leo Perez, Bacolod Music 1-510-224-9888\

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